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Rigging a Character in Blender for Animation

In this continuing video series, I go over the steps for rigging a 3D character for animation using Blender 3D.

In this first lesson in the series, I start out by preparing the mesh for rigging and adding in the first bones.

The second lesson continues where the first left off, and I add in bones for the arms, hands, neck, and head.

This third lesson shows you how to create IK and FK bone chains that you can switch on and off.

In this fourth lesson, I show you how to create a dynamic foot roll system for our character's legs.

This fifth lesson covers the advantages to using segmented B-bones.

This sixth lesson shows you how to create bones that function as latissimus dorsi muscles for our character.

In this seventh lesson, we add in more deformation bones as well as make the rig neat and tidy.

In this eighth lesson, I demonstrate the beginning steps to using the IK Spline constraint to bend the character's spine.